Center for Tire Research
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CenTiRe has already completed a number of research projects encompassing a wide range of topics in the areas of materials, modeling, testing, sustainability and manufacturing.  Research work that has been completed is stored on the Center's website for access by members who were active in the year of completion.

Projects completed in 2022

  • Assessment of the biotic and abiotic (chemical and environmental weathering) degradation on the fate of tire and road wear particles in soils
  • Supramolecular reinforcement of rubber
  • 3D printed smart tires for health monitoring
  • Assessment of tire attributes and mapping resulting correlations on the dynamic aero drag and lift coefficient on vehicles using CFD and design of experiments

Projects completed in 2021

  • Characterization of structure-borne vehicle interior noise

Projects completed in 2020

  • Comprehensive multi-scale modeling of tire abrasion
  • Very high frequency testing of tire tread compounds for improved prediction of wet traction performance
  • Modeling strain-energy distributions and failure properties for idealized particle dispersions and interfaces in filled elastomers

Projects completed in 2019

  • Tire-pavement noise modeling and correlation with experiment
  • Static and operational characterization of tires modal vibration with novel non-contact techniques
  • Tire-ice model validation and comparative analysis of tractive performance of tires on ice
  • A wave propagation approach for prediction of tire-pavement interaction noise (TPIN)

Projects completed in 2018

  • Modulating silica-rubber interface by biorenewable urushiol-derived silanes
  • Multiscale modeling of tire wear
  • Crosslinking combinations involving benzocyclobutene chemistry

Projects completed in 2017 

  • Characterization and molecular modeling of filler-polymer interface  
  • CFD of air-related noise generation mechanisms at the tire/road interface  

Projects completed in 2016

  • A novel methodology for durability assessment of tire materials
  • Towards a self-powered structural health-monitoring smart tire
  • Surface engineering approach for enhanced filler dispersion and hysteresis reduction in rubber compounds
  • In situ nanofiller formation during tire rubber compounding

Projects completed in 2015

  • Discrete and FE tire model for antilock braking system simulation
  • Multiscale modeling of tire-road contact and adhesion
  • Multiscale modeling of tire-road contact and adhesion (macro measurement)
  • Pneumatic tire performance on ice
  • A portable low-cost system for high-speed high-precision surface profiling (micro)
  • Experimental tire noise
  • Formulate a general element for modeling rubber reinforcements

Projects completed in 2014

  • Using FEA to Simulate the Dynamic Tearing of Rubber
  • Green(er) Tire Technology
  • Rolling Resistance of Smart Fabrics for Smart Tires
  • Effective Parametric Finite Element Tire Models for Simplified Transient Response
  • Continuous Ultrasonic In-Situ Copolymerization of Rubber Blends Suitable in Tire Applications