Center for Tire Research
An NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center


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CenTiRe works with leading faculty and students at our two university sites in carrying out research projects. The Center provides guidance to enhance the interactions with the industry members and the success of the research. The Center also assists in developing relationships between the students and members that will hopefully lead to full time employment or internships.

CenTiRe offers excellent opportunities for funded research that has great interest to our members.  Faculty at our two university sites, Virginia Tech and the University of Akron, can submit proposals to our Industry Advisory Board in response to their Request for Proposals document.  These are evaluated by our Industry Advisory Board members, made up of representatives from our member companies, for decision on funding.  CenTiRe typically has close to $600,000 in funded research active per year with minimal university overhead charged (NSF caps university overhead to 10% for I/UCRC's).

Students involved in CenTiRe funded research have excellent opportunities to work on research that is both challenging and of meaning to industry.  During the conduction of the research, students have interaction with industry members for guidance and assistance.  This close interaction has resulted in employment and internships at member companies.

Publication of research is encouraged.  The Center’s industry members have a right of first review, and may request removal of proprietary information or a 90 day delay in publication if deemed necessary.  Research projects typically result in 3-6 publications or conference presentations.

Specific information for faculty and students involved in CenTiRe funded research can be accessed through F/S Login under the F/S Info tab.

Request for Proposals

The Center’s Industry Advisory Board (IAB) issues a Request for Proposals (RFP) document each year to solicit proposals for IAB-desired research topics from the faculty

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Template Files

Templates are provided by the CenTiRe administrative office for reports, presentations, and posters. This facilitates the creation and presentation of information that is most important

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Student Section

A CenTiRe Student Section has been created to facilitate interaction of the students involved in tire and tire-related research. Activities are planned for the Spring

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NSF Grant Opportunities

NSF provides several opportunities for additional grants for faculty involved in I/UCRC’s. These can be taken advantage of to leverage the project funding provided by

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