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CenTiRe Bids Farewell to Our Long Time NSF Evaluator Dee Hoffman

Dee Hoffman, our NSF Evaluator, has been supporting CenTiRe since its inception nearly 10 years ago. Throughout her tenure, she has provided us with a great deal of administrative assistance, and personally participated in nearly every IAB member session. Early on, she was instrumental in guiding our leadership team through the NSF IUCRC grant requirements, and since has directly worked with industry members to identify improvement opportunities.  Per NSF policy, a new evaluator will be assigned if our Phase 3 grant is approved. Thus, Dee continued to support us up until the end of our Phase II grant which expired February 28, 2022. During the recent Fall IAB virtual meeting, the leadership team recognized her hard work and dedication in elevating our center to the strong position it is in today. We presented her with an Outstanding Service Award and a leather satchel as tokens of our esteem and gratitude. We will miss you Dee, and best of luck in your future endeavors.GFBunting Head Shot