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CenTiRe Student Research Profile Series: Jomin Thomas

This is the first is a series of articles that will profile our talented students from University of Akron and Virginia Tech who are the researchers for active CenTiRe funded projects. This weeks’ article focuses on Jomin Thomas, who is a Polymer Engineering PhD candidate at the University of Akron and also the main researcher for CenTiRe project titled: Assessment of the biotic and abiotic (chemical and environmental weathering) degradation on the fate of tire and road wear particles in soils.

Jomin is a highly passionate and motivated polymer enthusiast experienced in working with polyurethane, acrylic polyol, polyesters, alkyds, elastomers, and tire degradation.  He has already an author of a published research manuscript, based on his CenTiRe research, in the journal “Polymer Degradation and Stability” titled: Investigation of abiotic degradation of tire cryogrinds.  Jomin is also the recipient of several awards and scholarships, both in the U.S. and India, including the 2021 Ohio Soybean Council Foundation Scholarship.

Jomin expects to graduate in the spring of 2023 and his thesis will focus on sustainable polymer products from seed oils and assessing the environment impact of tire particles. His post-graduation aspirations are to be on a research and development team as a polymer technologist/scientist, preferably with company that focuses on polymer sustainability strategies.

The CenTiRe team is proud to count Jomin as one of our talented and highly motivated student researchers and we look forward to further supporting his project research and future academic and professional endeavors.

Thomas Jomin