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CenTiRe Returns to Live Industry Board Meetings

 The CenTiRe Industry Advisory Board held its first live meeting in over two years, with the 2022 Spring IAB conference hosted at the German Club on the Virginia Tech campus in June.  27 of our industry members attended, representing 13 of our member companies. The board reviewed the progress of 13 active research projects, and presentations from 10 project proposal finalists. 45 of our UA and VT professors and student researchers participated, as well. All agreed that it was well worthwhile to return to the live format and directly interact with other team members, both on the industry and academic side. We look forward to continuing with this live format for the 2022 Fall IAB meeting to be hosted by University of Akron in October.

2022 Spring IAB Industry Members

CenTiRe industry members at the 2022 Spring IAB Conference


2022 Spring IAB Conference Participants

2022 Spring IAB Conference participants