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CenTiRe Awards Students for Best Presentations at Fall IAB Conference

At the recent CenTiRe Industry Advisory Board (IAB) conference, research students were tasked with providing status update presentations for their sponsored research projects. These consisted of a live 10-minute presentation and then a live question and answer session with the IAB team.  They were evaluated by the IAB members in terms of their presentation skills, demonstrated knowledge of material, and ability to effectively answer IAB questions. While most all of the students performed admirably, three of the presentations stood out as being the most effective and deserving of our recognition. They are:Best Overall Presentation Photo

Best Overall Presentation: Hyunsang Lee

Project: Surface Migration of 6-PPD and Design of a Novel Sustainable Antiozonants and Antioxidants for Rubber Formulations

Advisors: Ali Dhinojwala and Dharamdeep Jain (UA)


Best Team Presentation Photo

Best Individual Presentation: Dhruvin Jasoliya

Project: Characterization and Modeling of Deformable Soils for Tire Performance Simulation

Advisor: Costin and Alex Untaroiu (VT)


Best Individual Presentation Photo


Best Team Presentation: Mandar Golvaskar and Xufeng Guo

Project: Evaluating rubber aging on tire durability: A combined modeling and experimental approach

Advisors: Yalin Dong (UA)

Part of our center’s mission is to develop both the technical and professional abilities of our student researchers.  As such, CenTiRe is proud to recognize the recipients of these best student presentation awards. A certificate of recognition, along with a gift bag containing promotional items from our IAB member companies, was presented to each of the award winners by our IAB Chair, Mike Andrews.