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CenTiRe Announces the Completion of Tire Materials Research Project

CenTiRe is proud to announce the completion of research project Supramolecular Reinforcement of Rubber. This was a joint tire materials focused research project conducted at both Virginia Tech and University of Akron. Many thanks go to faculty Principal Investigators, Dr. Li Jia (UA) and Dr. Robert Moore (VT) and the graduate student researchers Nathan Schmitz (UA) and Glenn Spiering (VT) for their efforts and diligence in providing the project deliverables and furthering the technical knowledge in the tire materials field. Also, thanks go to the industry mentors for their technical guidance. The project deliverables are now available to CenTiRe industry members, via the website, and can be made available to new industry members, provided they join in 2022. This is the fourth of six projects concluding in 2022, with ten more projects currently active and supported by CenTiRe.