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Celebrating Dr. Michelle Hoo Fatt of the University of Akron for Securing Project Funding from CenTiRe

 In an achievement that highlights the University of Akron's commitment to groundbreaking tire research and the outstanding capabilities of its faculty, we extend our congratulations to Dr. Michelle Hoo Fatt, Department of Mechanical Engineering Professor, on securing project research funding from the Center for Tire Research (CenTiRe).  Michelle's accomplishment not only showcases her expertise and dedication but also underscores the university's commitment to advancing innovation and excellence. Her project, which falls under our tire testing research thrust area, is titled: Tire Cord Properties for FEA Modal and Steady State Dynamic Analysis, and is approved for two years of funding. This is one of four new research projects that was approved for funding by the CenTiRe Industry Advisory Board this year. 

CenTiRe is renowned for its commitment to advancing tire-related research. By receiving funding from CenTiRe, Michelle Hoo Fatt has gained access to invaluable industry technical mentoring and support. This funding empowers Michelle to make meaningful contributions to the field of tire research, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and technology.

The field of tire research plays a crucial role in enhancing automotive safety, sustainability, and performance. Michelle Hoo Fatt's work, backed by the funding from CenTiRe, promises to contribute significantly to the development of new technologies in tire testing. Her research may lead to advancements in tire materials, design, fuel efficiency, and environmental sustainability, ultimately benefiting both the industry and consumers.

Michelle Hoo Fatt's achievement in securing project funding from CenTiRe stands as a testament to her exceptional expertise, dedication, and the University of Akron's commitment to cutting-edge research. We extend our warmest congratulations to Michelle and welcome her to the CenTiRe team.

Hoo Fatt Michelle

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