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CenTiRe Awards Research Funding to Dr. James Eagan of the University of Akron for Innovative Materials Project Proposal

The Center for Tire Research (CenTiRe) is pleased to announce the award of research funding to Dr. James Eagan, Assistant Professor at the University of Akron’s’ School of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering. Dr. Eagan's project is titled: Carbon Negative Butadiene CO2 Polymers: Material Synthesis and Property Evaluation, and is approved for two years of funding.  

It falls under our research thrust areas of both materials and sustainability and is second of four new research projects that was approved for funding by the CenTiRe Industry Advisory Board this year.

CenTiRe, a leading research consortium dedicated to advancing tire technology research and promoting sustainability in the tire industry. Dr. Eagan's proposal stood out for its innovative approach and potential to address key challenges in the industry. CenTiRe recognizes the importance of investing in research that aligns with our mission to promote sustainable practices and foster innovation. Dr. Eagan's project proposal not only exhibits scientific excellence but also offers potential long-term benefits in terms of environmental conservation and improved tire performance.

The University of Akron also expressed its enthusiasm for Dr. Eagan's recognition and the opportunity for collaborative research. The university's commitment to fostering interdisciplinary research and innovation aligns perfectly with the goals of the CenTiRe consortium, making this partnership a mutually beneficial endeavor.

Eagan James