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CenTiRe Approves Project Funding for University of Akron Professors on Materials-Related Research

We are thrilled to announce that the Center for Tire Research (CenTiRe) has awarded a substantial research grant to the University of Akron for a project focused on tire materials. This exciting collaboration brings together the expertise of the tire industry's leading research institution and one of the country's premier materials-based research universities.

This project will be co-led by three faculty members at the University of Akron's Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering. The research project is titled: Flexoelectric Polyelectrolyte Elastomer for Tire Sensors and Tire Energy Harvesters, and is approved for a 3-year duration. This is the fourth and final research project funded by the CenTiRe Industry Advisory Board this year. The faculty Principal Investigators are:

                        Siamak Farhad                                             Thein Kyu                                                 Jae Won Choi

                -      Dr. Siamak Farhad                                          -      Dr. Thein Kyu                                                    -      Dr Jae-Won Choi

This grant from CenTiRe is a significant recognition of the University of Akron's longstanding leadership in tire materials research, and it is a testament to the tire industry's commitment to innovation and sustainability. With this funding, our researchers will be able to pursue groundbreaking research that will have a significant impact on the tire industry.

The University of Akron has a long history of collaboration with CenTiRe, and this new project builds on our strong partnership. CenTiRe is a National Science Foundation-funded Industry-University Cooperative Research Center that brings together leading tire manufacturers, suppliers, and academic researchers to develop innovative solutions for the tire industry. The center's research programs cover a wide range of topics, including tire materials, physics, manufacturing, sustainability and testing, and the center has a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge research that has been adopted by the industry.

We are excited about this new collaboration between CenTiRe and the University of Akron, and we look forward to the groundbreaking research that will result from this project. This grant is an investment in the future of the tire industry, and we are proud to be part of this important work.