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CenTiRe Approves Project Funding for Virginia Tech Professors to Drive Tire Sustainability


In a significant development for the field of tire sustainability, CenTiRe (Center for Tire Research) has announced its approval of project funding to Dr. Hosein Foroutan and Dr. Hesham Rakha, both distinguished faculty members at Virginia Tech’s School of Civil & Environmental Engineering. Their research project title is Multiscale dynamic assessment of airborne microplastic emissions in tire wear particles and will be funded for a 3-year duration. This collaboration aims to assist the tire industry by focusing on enabling innovative solutions to address environmental concerns associated with effects of tire wear particles.

Tires have long been a vital component of transportation, supporting mobility across the globe. However, the environmental impact of tire usage and wear particles has become an increasingly critical issue in recent years. Recognizing the urgency of this matter, CenTiRe has chosen to support Professors Hosein Foroutan and Hesham Rakha's tire sustainability project at Virginia Tech. Both are renowned for their expertise in environmental engineering, and bring a wealth of knowledge to this groundbreaking initiative. Their research backgrounds, coupled with their dedication to environmental stewardship, make them ideal candidates to lead this project. With a team of passionate researchers and with the support of our tire industry experts, they will spearhead efforts to further the understanding of the effects of tire wear particles in the environment.

CenTiRe's decision to fund this project underscores its commitment to promoting research and innovation in the tire industry. The center, known for its dedication to advancing tire-related research, believes that this collaborative effort will not only drive better understanding of this issue, but also contribute to global environmental sustainability.

                                                              Hesham Rakha                                       Hosein Foroutan